Category: Case Studies


Thousands of women learn to read and write
Women-oriented Adult Literacy Centers in Swat are boosting women’s confidence


Water tank eases women’s lives
Women and girls of Balsehra had dedicated their lives primarily to fetching water; today it is a tap away


Irrigation system means kids can go to school again
Thanks to a 2.5 km irrigation channel, five villages are once again experiencing bountiful crops


Learning livestock trade by drawings
Learning modern livestock rearing practices has boosted milk production and dramatically reduced animal disease in one farming community


My road, my responsibility
Building a road through collective efforts has inculcated a sense of responsibility in villagers


Even women and elderly help fix road
Fixing the road has maximized economic benefits for the community


Villagers thrive as VO comes alive
Entrepreneurship and self-sufficiency have become characteristic of the villagers after reactivation of Village Organisations


Women boost village economy
Women empowerment has encouraged increase in profits


Village decides education is too important to postpone
Volunteers organised an enrollment campaign that impressed local authorities; the school now has the resources it needs, and children are once more attending school


Villagers fix a long standing sanitation problem
Proper drainage system reduces disease and dust and the whole exercise has made them realise how much they can fix if they work together