Category: Case Studies

Village decides education is too important to postpone
Volunteers organised an enrollment campaign that impressed local authorities; the school now has the resources it needs, and children are once more attending school

Villagers fix a long standing sanitation problem
Proper drainage system reduces disease and dust and the whole exercise has made them realise how much they can fix if they work together

Remote village constructs library
Villagers are convinced better learning materials are needed to improve education and help their children have a better life

Neighbour’s house fixed with community help
The small move has instilled in the villagers a sense of pride and self-sufficiency

Development initiatives lure two feuding tribes to meet
Tribal feud aggravated the village’s poverty and isolation; their interaction was essential to overcome common problems

LSO learns how to fund community projects
Not only have they fixed a major problem, they now know how to win funding for others

Community builds own road
Local government failed to help such a tiny community so the people took matters into their own hands

Community learns value of gems
Najma, an empowered woman, inspires many to follow in her footsteps