EU envoy at English Speaking Union


Ambassador Jean-Francois Cautain delivered an eloquent talk at the English Speaking Union Pakistan (ESUP) at a dinner-reception at the residence of ESUP Islamabad president Khalid Malik. The event was attended by diplomats and other expatriates, teachers and residents of the capital. The topic for the evening was the role of the European Union in international cooperation, including with Pakistan. Responding to a question, Ambassador Cautain said he did not expect the role of English as the most important EU language would not have less importance even if the UK leaves the union.

He mentioned that Ireland and Malta are English-speaking countries and that the EU member states have a number of national languages, including larger ones, notably German and French. Ambassador Cautain said that there was good cooperation with Pakistan. He mentioned that EU is the world’s largest development aid organization. He stressed that it would be important if Pakistan could improve its image abroad, and thus expand and deepen its cooperation with EU member states. He said that when he had been appointed to work in Pakistan, some colleagues wondered what it was that he had done wrong in his career to be posted here. “Pakistan deserves a much better reputation”, he said.

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