Remote villages in Swat get electricity


MINGORA: The residents of remote villages in Sakhra area of Matta tehsil got excited after a newly-established micro hydro power station started supplying electricity to their houses on Thursday.

The 150 kilowatts power station was inaugurated by European Union head of operation Barnard Francois. The power station was funded by European Union under PEACE project that started supllying electricity to about 500 households of Garai, Batku, Kostani Banda and Fazal Baig villages.

Work on the power station was started in September last year. “We are happy that our children will have access to modern gadgets for educational purpose and entertainment,” said Inamullah Khan, president of Nawey Sahar Falahi Tanzeem, Garai village. He said that women in the village and remote hamlets would be able to use electric washing machines and irons apart from lightening up their houses.

Abdullah, a member of district council from the area, said that the villagers needed electricity and the timely support meant a lot for them. from the people of Europe.

Speaking on the occasion, Barnard Francois thanked the local people for their warm welcome. He said that European Union wanted to support Pakistan in tackling the energy issue. He said that he was happy to see the impacts of the project supported by European Union.

“This all became possible because of the unity of the local community and support of all stakeholders. The European Union appreciates and thanks to all of them,” he said.

“The important message is to maintain this unity and collective efforts to grab more opportunities lying around in shape of Community-Driven Local Development (CDLD), district and provincial government funds to minimise the sufferings of the people in manmade and natural disasters during the last decade,” said Mr Francois.

Published in Dawn, December 8th, 2017

Article first appeared in The Dawn.

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