Poverty Alleviation through Community Empowerment And Participatory Development Project (PACE-PD)




SABAWON is working to promote an inclusive and empowered society in four of the poorest Union Councils of South Punjab. The project is helping to alleviate poverty by organising the villagers into communities and building their capacities to access local services and participate in decision making. Through these structures it will also provide know-how to help the local populations increase their revenues.


To mobilise communities and restore and strengthen their resilience by empowering and enabling them to participate in the development process.

Expected Results

  • A three tiered community mobilisation system for social and economic development has been formed or strengthened at Community, Village and Union Council levels.
  • Community social infrastructure has been built or rehabilitated to improve basic social service delivery, with a particular focus on disaster risk reduction principles.
  • Local administration capacities have been strengthened at Union Council and Tehsil level to plan, monitor and supervise development.
In Bhakkar, neighbours are now helping each other.

Community uses own resources to fix neighbour’s house

At a Community Management Training in the village of Bhakkar, in October 2014, one of the members asked the project for help to rebuild his neighour’s house. But Nasarullah, the Community Organisation president quickly intervened. “During the last three days, we have been learning about the importance of solving our problems ourselves, with the help of community resources and not to look to outsiders for help.” And so Bashir handed over 1,000 rupees and asked the others to contribute too. Soon the neighbour had enough to rebuild his house, and now he hopes to be able to repay the entire loan timely.

Today, Bashir’s group takes pride in seeing how many problems they can resolve with little or no external intervention.


Total budget: EUR 720,000
EU-contribution: 90%

Additional Information

EU partners 
Social Action Bureau for Assistance in Welfare and Organisation Networking (SABAWON)
Integrated Rural Support Programme (IRSP), Pakistan

Jan 2014 – Jan 2016

21,000 rural households with a total population of almost 140,000 in 4 Union Councils
600 Community Organisations
64 Village Organisations
4 Local Support Organisations

4 Union councils: Dhandla, Gadola, Kachi Shahani and Sial of district Bhakkar in Punjab province, Pakistan
“Sensitising the community through mobilisation for collective action is the most effective way to get things done.” Mr. Bashir, Activist from Punjab

Case Studies

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