Supporting Inclusive Development in Sindh




The rural areas of Sindh are faced with chronic challenges, including the widespread impact of the 2010/11 floods, structural issues relating to land-holding patterns, low water availability, low agricultural productivity and low investment in rural economic sectors. Weak governance has further exacerbated the vulnerabilities of the population.


The project’s objective is to promote the participation of both men and women in development planning by establishing vibrant community organisations to engage actively with government in the planning and implementation of flood recovery initiatives.

Expected Results

  • Communities have been helped to prioritise, plan, and rehabilitate/reconstruct an average of 20 community-based infrastructure initiatives in each of 6 Union Councils damaged during the 2011 floods
  • Support has been provided to recover the livelihood earning assets of 600 households within each Union Council
  • Community-government joint action planning has been facilitated for 120 infrastructure rehabilitation projects to address some of the impact of the floods through direct funding

  • Community Organisations and the staff of local administration and relevant line departments have been trained and had their capacities developed
A new culvert will greatly reduce flood damages.

Self-help initiatives transform Shevo Kolhi

The community of Shevo Kohli, marginalized and extremely poor till a few years ago is now in control of its own destiny, having brought about changes which have made others sit up and take notice. The residents have access to clean drinking water and a functional school. Even more importantly, they have a flood protection wall and a de-silted main irrigation channel, ensuring safety from their main threat. This is all thanks to the EU-funded rural development which revitalized its Community Organisation. So impressed were the National Rural Support Programme’s evaluators it gave Shevo Kohli an ‘A’ for its efforts.


Total budget:EUR 1.3 Million
EU-contribution: 75%

Additional Information

EU partners 
Mercy Corps
National Rural Support Programme (NRSP), Pakistan

Jan 2013 – Dec 2015

125,000 flood-affected people
Local government officials in 6 Union Councils
600 households in each Union Council whose livelihood earning assets have been recovered

Badin and Mirpurkhas districts (Kadi Kazia, Peeru Lashari, Gharo, Balochabad, Kheerao and Hingorno) in the province of Sindh, Pakistan
“You can’t solve a problem until you acknowledge that you have one and accept the responsibility for solving it.” Mr. Abdul Qadir Chandio – District Officer Social Welfare & PCC chairman Badin

Supporting Inclusive Development in Sindh-Video

Sindh was particularly badly impacted by the floods in 2010. Many were displaced and lost homes and livelihoods. The Supporting Inclusive Development in Sindh project has been helping these people, including those in Mirpur Khas. As Meera, the President of the Village Organisation explains, ‘the people are very happy again’. The Supporting Inclusive Development project in Sindh is implemented by Mercy Corps in partnership with NRSP. This short documentary was made by the EU funded Visibility project to support the Rural Development programme.

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