Remote village constructs library

Villagers are convinced better learning materials are needed to improve education and help their children have a better life
The construction of the library is expected to provide better educational resources for the students
March 2015, Jhal Magsi: Mr. Zahoor Hussain, a social activist in Jhal Magsi was concerned about the lack of books in the village. He felt that with proper facilities the children could make more of their lives. An essential need was the construction of a library.

Through the EU-funded Balochistan Community Development Programme (BCDP), the BRSP had already helped his community develop a Community Organisation, and Mr Zahoor persuaded his fellow community members that they needed a library to help the teachers improve the lessons for children.

“We have no basic services – no safe drinking water, no health services and so we need to educate our children to better cope with the challenges we face,” Zahoor said.

The other villagers agreed and so in June 2014, Mr. Zahoor conducted a community meeting to discuss the purpose and importance of the library.

It was formally decided to form a committee, whose responsibility would be to plan strategies, raise funds, develop linkages to support the endeavour, and coordinate with their elected Member Provincial Assembly (MPA), Nawabzada Tariq Khan. They were also tasked with establishing links with departments and donor agencies to seek financial support and ensure the provision of reading & writing material etc.

The Committee developed a proposal and set a target to raise 2.5 million rupees from local parliamentarian, Nawabzada Tariq Khan Magsi, through his MPA Fund, and started construction with support of Government of Balochistan’s Department for Buildings & Roads (B&R).

When the library construction started in the Government Boys High School Jhal Magsi, the parliamentarian assured the community that he would provide books and related material upon completion of the library construction.

Fact Box

Balochistan Community Development Programme (BCDP)

Total budget:
€ 7m

EU Contribution:
(100% of the total value of the project)

December 2013 – December 2016

Direct Beneficiaries:
274,010 men, women and children

The community members are positive that soon the library will be stacked with books
“Constructing a library in such a remote area requires quite an effort from everyone but it will really help the students to expand their thoughts and vision.”

Mr. Nawaz, teacher Government Boys High School Jhal Magsi

Fact Box

Union Council: Jhal Magsi

District: Jhal Magsi

Village Organisation: Jhal Magsi

Households: 912

Individuals: 6110

Occupation: Livestock & agriculture

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