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Jacobabad: November 2014. Syed did a course before in Internet Technologies, but learned very little, sticking it out only because he was being offered a PKR 2,500 monthly stipend. He’s paying, albeit modestly, for this new course for electricians, but even in 3 days, he says enthusiastically, he’s already learned loads.

With the help of a project being implemented by ACTED, the CDF Vocational school has introduced a series of new technical and vocational classes. In one room, a class of 11 is enthusiastically learning how to install and repair solar panels. Next door, Syed has opted for the course for electricians. This time Syed is not being paid a stipend to attend the class. Indeed he has to pay 500 rupees per month to attend the course. But he knows some people who had already taken the course and they told him it’s well worth it. That’s why he signed up. In three days he can already see the difference between this course and the previous one.

The course trainer Zulqarnain Ahmed is also very happy with the course. It’s well equipped, thanks to the project, and before it started he was sent on a 21 day training of trainers course where he had learned “both things he had not known about, as well as things he had heard about but never had a chance to work with”. For example, he had “never before had a chance to operate a mega machine”.

Learning to work with modern equipment is part of the appeal of the course. And because the school now has the equipment used in modern businesses, the trainees can spend most of their time in class actually learning to use it.

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ACTED Project

Improving access, quality and service delivery of the TVET sector to marginalised rural communities through innovative approaches

Jacobabad in Sindh province

Before, much of the time would be spent on theory, “Now the course is 80% practical”, Ahmed says

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