Dreams turn into reality

Salma is happy and satisfied after getting sewing training

Among other things, I learned at the centre, one was to excel in designing and contrasting clothes; I use these skills in designing and making the clothes for my clients now which are gaining attention and liked by many.

I stitched two pair of suits for my aunt in kotri and earned 400 rupees for the very first time and gave that money to my mother. “I am very happy to support my family and hope to do so and also find a way to continue my education somehow”, she remarks smilingly.

Shy and withdrawn Salma is a vibrant and confident young girl now, she visits Resham Galli (a crowded busy market in Hyderabad city) for buying clothes and tailoring materials after stiff bargaining regularly on her own.

Only two months after receiving the tool kit, Salma has been able to stitch 16 suits and on average earned Rs 300 per suit. I intend to do better by further harnessing my tailoring skills and purchase an electric motor for the sewing machine to be able to stitch one or two suits a day against one suit in 2.5 days on a hand operated machine.

With the right set of skills, confidence and getting right business counseling in near future, Salma is now eyeing to open up an outlet in Hyderabad and hopes to become a well known and reputed brand name in future.

Fact Box

Oxfam Novib Project

EQUATE – Enhancing Quality and Access to Technical and Vocational Education

Oxfam Novib with co-financing of European Commission (3, 120,397 Euros) and in partnership with RDF, IRC and BFW implementing EQUATE project in three districts i.e. Khairpur Mir’s, Dadu and Jamshoro of Sindh province of Pakistan

Butterfly Works (BFW), a social design studio based in Amsterdam since 2003. Butterfly Works co-creates learning and design projects with local partners around the world. Develop a new brand and products by bringing together local designers and 1600 village artisans to help boost the value of their products and develop new markets

Project equips 3200 poor youth with marketable skills to move out of poverty, helps 1600 craftswomen produce items for new brand Kahani in partnership with national and international designers.

Salma busy Stitching a shirt in her living room cum tailoring room for an order she received from a neighboring village
“I was asleep around 11 in the morning, when my friend woke me up to inform me about the visiting team in the neighborhood, offering free TVET courses’ I rushed to the team without breakfast to seize the opportunity I was longing for and instantly got myself enrolled for the tailoring course”


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