Horizon 2020

Building a science bridge between the EU and Pakistan

Needless to say, consolidating the EU’s position as a world leader in research and innovation is the primary purpose of HORIZON 2020.  But it also allows significant funding to non-EU Member States, offering a country like Pakistan a number of opportunities. HORIZON 2020 is open for international participants to promote joint high profile scientific projects through collaborative consortia together with EU science and technology partners. Importantly, all the bureaucratic tasks associated with applying for research grants will be carried by the EU partners. An impressive EUR 79 billion budget is available worldwide for HORIZON 2020’s seven-year term; that is, more than EUR 10 billion per year.

The EU Delegation to Pakistan and the Ministry of Science and Technology have decided to join forces to ensure that from its very inception HORIZON 2020 will enjoy the highest possible degree of awareness in Pakistan. For this purpose, the EU Delegation and Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF), as the focal organization of the Ministry of Science & Technology for EU Research and Innovation Program HORIZON 2020, have already organized three awareness seminars one each in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi.

The Programme covers a wide range of sectors, from agriculture to health, energy and climate change, safety and security issues, just to mention a few, HORIZON- 2020 offers possibilities to work jointly with EU research institutions in areas where Pakistan is facing some of its most acute challenges. Moreover, since an objective of the program is to promote “from lab to market” processes, improved cooperation between Pakistan and the EU in the area of science and technology, can also help facilitate Pakistan entering the age of the knowledge-based economy. Finally, HORIZON 2020 can also enhance the integration of Pakistan in the world economy through a more diversified and high quality delivery of products and services. Ultimately, it should also provide longer term benefits such as much needed – job creation.

More information is available: https://ec.europa.eu/programmes/horizon2020/